October 14th, 2013

Merchant e-Solutions Provides Progress Report Since Acquisition by Cielo

REDWOOD CITY, California – October, 2013 – Merchant e-Solutions (MeS), a U.S.-based provider of end-to-end global payment solutions and a company from the Cielo group, is ending the year following its acquisition by Cielo with some major achievements under its belt and an optimistic outlook to the coming year.

In August of 2012, Silicon Valley-based MeS was acquired by Cielo, Latin America’s leader in electronic payment solutions.

Among the most significant accomplishments of the past 12 months was the company’s investment in hiring a new senior management team which included an EVP of Sales, EVP of Product Development and VP of Risk. The company also formed a new marketing department.

“2013 signified growth for us,” said Paulo Guzzo, CEO of MeS. “We saw growth in our team, and our capacity. We now have the management and operational infrastructure in place to accelerate progress in 2014. I’m confident that our people possess the talent and determination to deliver for our customers.”

The company has committed additional investment in infrastructure and in a data center as well as in additional monitoring capabilities which will help accelerate response times. “Our customers need to process transactions securely, reliably and with redundancy. Having this infrastructure will reduce their risk, not to mention provide them peace of mind,” said Guzzo.

MeS has also completely upgraded its accounting, finance and HR systems and processes, which gives the company better control, insights and efficiency.

MeS will continue its plan to leverage its team and its capabilities to help customers, financial institutions, and partners process and manage their payment transactions.

“We are making an unequivocal commitment to concentrate our efforts and resources on growth platforms and our urgent pipeline projects,” said Guzzo. “As we focus, move forward, and transform MeS, we know that our success will ultimately be measured by the quality of execution. Given the strength and experience of the MeS team, we expect great things from 2014.”

About Merchant e-Solutions
Merchant e-Solutions offers end-to-end payment solutions and is one of the fastest growing e-Commerce companies in the card processing industry. As a tier one acquirer, MeS processes over $14 billion worth of credit card transactions annually for more than 70,000 merchants in partnership with over 250 banks and partners. The company is based in Redwood City, California, and is part of the Cielo group, Latin America’s leader in electronic payment solutions.

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